Prayers for The Supernatural In Your City

(Luke 5:17-20) Pray for healing to manifest as the Word of The Lord is taught in our city. Decree a
hunger for the supernatural in Chicago to be awakened as we re-dig this well.

(Acts 10:38) Pray for the anointing of the Holy Ghost to all in (your city) and healing of demonic
oppression would be widespread.

(Luke 9:1-2) Pray for congregations to rise in (in your city) with authority and power over devils and
disease as we preach the Kingdom of God.

(Matthew 4:23-24) Decree that as we preach and teach The Kingdom of God the healing power of God
will manifest with divers miracles, signs and wonders.

(Mark 16:20) Decree that as we obey the Great Commission in (in your city) the Lord will work with us
and confirm His Word with signs following.

(Luke 10:1-2, 9) Pray for open heavens in Chicago and the visitation of the Lord as we are sent to the
harvest of our city. Decree believers baptized with power to heal the sick and strength to proclaim the

(Daniel 2:44) Pray for the Kingdom of God to crush kingdoms of sickness and disease in our city.

(Acts 2:17-19) Pray for the spirit of prophecy to be poured over our city once again and for signs and
wonders in the city.

(Acts 4:29-31) Pray for boldness to speak the Word of The Lord into the spirit realm of (in your
city) and for an anointing of boldness to rest on us. Decree the Lords hand over (your city) to heal and
that sign and wonders would breakout in (in your city) as we gather corporately to pray.

(Job 33:23-24) Pray for messengers of healing to be activated in our city to deliver from pits of sickness
and destruction.

(Jeremiah 30:17) Pray for the restoration of healing gifts and anointing to the Church of (in your
city) and decree the healing power over the outcast.

(Malachi 4:2) Decree that as the Fear of the Lord increases in (in your city) that the Sun of
Righteousness would rise with healing in His wings.

(Job 10:12) Pray the visitation of God over (in your city) preserves life and manifest deliverance to the

(Acts 5:12-16) Pray for an increase of apostolic grace in (your city) to impact the multitudes of (in your
city) with the supernatural.

(Acts 19:11-12) Pray for God to manifest special miracle through us that unusual and peculiar works of
healing are loosed in (your city).

(Acts 7:22) Pray for prophets and prophetic believers mighty and words and (miraculous) deeds to be
released throughout out our city.

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