Prayers For Our Youth

(Genesis 22:17-18) Pray the purposes of heaven on our seed and decree they rise in power, authority
and influence to possess the gates of their enemies. Pray for an enlargement of our seeds mentality for
impact in the nations

(Esther 2:7-11) Call for the Mordecai’s to intercede for and develop the Esther’s of our day to stand
before kings.

(Daniel 1:4-5) Pray for academic excellence and social impact to rest on our seed. Decree our seed has
divine resistance upon them from every agenda of Babylon, humanism, secularism, hedonism, etc.

(Proverbs 11:21) Pray for all wicked and ungodly attractions at work to defile and seduce our seed to be
bound. Pray the punishment of God to be loosed on stronghold s of murder, homosexuality, lesbianism,
occultism, etc.

(Isaiah 54:13-14) Pray for divine encounter among our youth. Decree the overwhelming presence of
God’s peace crushing the powers of fear. Pray for the establishment of righteousness in their lives; decree
the removal of oppression and oppressive powers. Pray the removal of fear and terror from their midst.

(Luke 2:40, 52) Pray that our children in the ways of God and they are strengthened in spiritual things
full of wisdom and grace….they increase in wisdom, stature and favor.

(Psalm 112:2) Decree our seed/youth shall be mighty in Chicago and in their spheres and realms of

(Psalm 127:3-5) Decree our heritage is preserved and shot forth as the arrows of the Lord bring
deliverance to our city and speak (subdue) their enemies.

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