Prayers Against Jezebel



I Kings 21:4, 7….Jezebel conspires to steal the inheritance of the godly. Pray against every pressure tactic and
assignment that would drive us to surrender our inheritance through seduction.

I Kings 21:10….Jezebel using slander as a device to destroy locals churches and believers alike.

I Kings 21:7….Assignment to send sons of Belial to release rumors, accusations to destroy reputation of

I Kings 21:25….Jezebel stirs up others to work wickedness through seduction, rumors, manipulation and lies.

Rev 2:20-23….Jezebel loves the prophetic ministries, loves to control doctrine to seduce God’s servants to

Pray against the influence of Jezebel that creates an atmosphere for Idolatry.
Pray for God to cast Jezebel into a bed of great tribulation and kill her seed with death.

Rev 18:20-22….Pray for a strong rejoicing over her “It is the key to God’s vengeance being released upon the
spirit of Jezebel”.

Pray against the assignment of Jezebel to defile senior leaders.
Pray that God will deliver every aspect of our praise, worship, music and sound from the subtlety of Jezebel.
Pray that our assignment to build as craftsmen will be free from the influence of Jezebel
Rev 18:6-8….we decree that God will add double to her according to her works

Decree torment, sorrow and widowhood is the portion of Jezebel
Decree plagues of death, mourning and famine is the portion of Jezebel

Rev 18:23-24….Pray against assignments of sorcery that causes deception within the congregation.

Pray against the assignment of Jezebel that causes accidents, calamities to come upon the leaders and saints.

I Kings 21:21….pray that God will bring calamity and misfortune upon Jezebel, Ahab and their seed through
the prophetic mantle upon the house. (II Kings 10:7)

I Kings 21:20….God will further expose the assignment of Jezebel and Ahab that causes believers to sell
themselves to work evil in the house of the Lord.

Pray for prophetic judgments to be released against the spirit of Jezebel. Pray against the spirit of Jezebel that will cause us to provoke God to anger. Pray against spirits of lust, fornication, adultery and sexual sin that works through Jezebel. Pray against spirits of idolatry, witchcraft, occult activity and practitioner that works through Jezebel assigned against the house.

Pray against spirits of abortion, kidnapping, child murder and destruction to our seed that works through Jezebel. Pray against economic failure, melt down and ruin that is connected to the merchants of Jezebel. Pray against false teachings, false doctrine, error and spirits of deception that works with Jezebel. Pray against spirits of religion, hypocrisy and pretense that works through Jezebel. Pray for God to unmask, unveil and uncover every hiding place of Jezebel in Rivers Pray for the spirit of Jehu to come upon Rivers to resist the seduction of Jezebel.

Micah 5:12….Pray against divination, false prophesy, prophetic manipulation and seduction that works
through Jezebel.

Rev 2:23….Pray against spirits of infirmity, sickness and death that works with Jezebel.

Pray against passiveness, weakness and spiritual impotence that works with Jezebel.

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