Fire on the Gates of Hell

(Psalm 24:7) Command the gates of ____________to lift up their heads and allow Jesus in through his
chosen servants.

(Isaiah 61:1-2) Pray for special anointing with yoke breaking power to free captives from cages of affliction,
poverty, ignorance, stagnation and failure. Believe God that through their ministry:

 Many who are dead in sin will be raised.
 Many prodigals will return home
 Many who were cast down will be lifted up.

(Psalm 121:3-5 & Psalm 127:1) Thank God for protection provided by Angelic hosts every time His people
gather in the city of ______ for His name’s sake.

(Psalm 91:11) Ask the Lord to release security angels in the land to guard our borders, gates, cities and
town in the month of August.

(Zechariah 2:5 & Deut 2:25) Ask the Lord to surround [your city] with a wall of fire and release His dread
over His enemies. Let His enemies be struck with panic and terror.

(Isaiah 19:1-3) Ask the Lord to ride swiftly through this land and terrify all the demonic altars in every tribe,
on mountains, in forests and in the waters.

(Psalm 46:9) Ask the Lord to frustrate all the Nations (people, groups, confederacies) who delight in war.
Let the Lord release His chariots of fire to crush every rebellion and destroy all their weapons of war.

(Eze 13:20-26) Declare darkness in the eyes and over the camps of sorcerers, diviners and witches. Let
them not secure any knowledge from the heavenlies (the sun, moon, stars and planets during this month.)

(Deut 4:24 & Heb 12:29) Ask God to release consuming fire to consume all the tracking gadgets of the
enemy. Let fire destroy their networks, data banks and disrupt all their programmers. Let fire consume all
trafficking ley lines and expose all agents of Satan sent to disrupt the meeting. Uproot and fire demonic gate
keepers at the gates of the conference venue and station guardian angels at every entrance point.

Plead the blood of Jesus over [your city] the conference venue, as well as the city and province [your city].
(Mathew 16:19) Bind the strongman over the city of Nairobi, uproot, destroy and overthrow the altars on
which the souls of those who dwell in the city are tied. Overthrow altars of Witchcraft, Freemasonry, Islam,
Hindus, Mungiki (traditional worship), Immorality, Drugs, Alcohol and Pornography. Nullify the sacrifices
offered on such altars with the blood of Jesus, break covenants made with the devil upon such altars.
(Psalm 27:1-3) Rise against Spirit of discouragement that was in Tobiah and Sanballat.

(Deut 12:2-3) Uproot, overthrow and destroy any altar raised against any intercessor or the group of
intercessors by Satanists.

(Rev 2:20-22) Pray against infiltration by Jezebelic Spirit. Ask the Lord to deal with agents of Jezebel
camouflaged as intercessors

Fire on the Gates of Hell

(Psalm 91) Declare the protection of God over the entire team (church workers, intercessors, planning
committee, pastors and ministry leadership)

(Psalms 29:3-4) ask the Lord to Release His glorious voice over the [your city] and the Nation of [your
nation] and call saints to come to the conference.

(Acts 2:1-4) Pray for a Pentecostal experience for all delegates so that they will be empowered to birth
prayer revival in their homes, families, villages, churches, ministries and government institutions after the

(Proverbs 7:2 & 2 Tim 3:16) Pray for a teachable Spirit in all delegates so that they will receive maximum
benefit from the conference and be TRANSFORMED.

(Psalm 72:18-19) Pray for a mighty visitation that will heal, deliver and break bondages in all delegates.
Pray that none will come with a problem and go back with it.

(Numbers 11:29) Pray seriously that prophetic intercessors will be birthed through the conference.

(Isaiah 54:15) Pray against demonic attacks that stop willing delegates from attending such as sudden
sickness even of family members.

(Acts 13:9-11) Pray out agents of Satan who may be sent and disguised as genuine delegates.

(Isaiah 54:17) Ask the Lord to protect the delegates and their loved ones against every demonic attack
while attending the conference.

(1 Th 5:18) Thank God for releasing all the invited guest speakers at this time to come into our Nation.

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