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I was born on 27th February 2002 at Gathinja, Weithaga, Murang’a county Central Kenya and in 2007 my little sister was born (Waruguru). At that long period we were staying with our father who later expelled us from home whereby we went to stay with our grandfather. Due to this circumstance I was unable to go to school for about one year. Later my mother go sick and nobody could take care of us apart from our grandfather. During this period of pain we could not get anything to eat or drink. Later our grandfather passed on, and the life was that harsh to us. Again we went to stay with our grandmother (mother to our mum) and at that long time I was not going to school, but God was that faithful because even after passing through that tough condition He was still with us. It was during this time when grandmother heard of Rehoboth Children’s Home and she recommended that we should be taken there, by then it was 2013.

In this institution I have managed to boost my life and even to see life in another dimension (attitude). I thought my life was no more but the case is that different. I this institution I have learnt a lot and most surprising of all is that I have managed to sit for my National Exam and am expecting good results.My request to you is that you may support me to get into high school.

Thanks and God bless you.