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I have been brought up in a very harsh condition whereby its only our mum who could take care of us. I am a second born in a family of 3. I lose my mum while I was about 10years of age, it was during this time when I needed  much of my mum’s support. With little knowledge and naïve I took it simple. It during this period when all my relatives whom I could think they would gave support didn’t want to see us. So I had free from home and I went to stay with my grandmother, my grandmother had little support and life became so challenging coz I could not be able to go to school so I had to stay with her back at home Luckily one of my uncle intervened to this issue and he took us whereby he said he would took care for us three. So he stayed with us for a period of two months. It was during this period when our uncle came into contact with Pastor Macharia and after giving him all our history Pastor Macharia  came up with a thought that we can be taken to a children’s home. So they organized and we were taken to El-shaddai Hope Centre that is in Kiambu.

Later I was transferred from El-shaddai to Rehoboth Children’s home whereby I have managed to continue with my secondary education. I am currently in form three heading to form four next year.

I hereby request you a to support me so as to be able to proceed with the remaining part of education.Thanks and may God Bless you.