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Born on 9th June 2000. My parents are David Macharia (Dad) and the Late Pauline Wanjiru (Mum). Am a 3rd born. Some years later my mother got sick so our Dad took care of us. Some months later our mother passed on and we had nothing to do but just to thank God and accept the situation. We faced a lot of challenges like lack of food among many other.While I was in nursery school our father took us to children’s home coz the burden was too heavy for him to take care of us all. At least in this institution I experienced a lot of change. After some years I was also transferred to another children’s home coz the place seems to be not fitting. Later my father still came for me and transferred me to Rehoboth Children’s Home where I am up to date. I am so much grand to God for the far He has brought me. I cant regret to be in Rehoboth Children’s because  I have managed to finish my class 8 course and I am expecting to get a good Grade when the result will be out.I would like to request you to kindly sponsor me in my secondary education. Thanks and God Keep you.